History & Culture

Where we came from

Under the leadership of Washington University School of Medicine administration, the Human Resource Office of Diversity & Inclusion was created in 2013 in response to students’ requests for a more diverse and inclusive environment. The office was developed to bring together people and resources that focused on a wide array of diversity and inclusion initiatives from around the medical school.

Washington University School of Medicine has a rich tradition of excellence. As an institution dedicated to finding innovative approaches to all areas of our mission, members of the School of Medicine community must work together with the greater local and global communities to understand and support the importance of diversity and inclusion in its student body, workforce and overall culture.

Where we are

The WUSM diversity and inclusion leadership team focuses on supporting the School of Medicine in its efforts in creating a welcoming and respectful environment for staff and focuses on a five-point charge of diversity and Inclusion based upon:

  • Education
  • Alignment
  • Impact
  • Career Development
  • Community Engagement

Through emphasis on this framework, we work in tandem with our colleagues who focus on the needs of students, trainees and faculty.

Where we are headed

The diversity and inclusion team is working tirelessly to ensure that every staff and faculty member of Washington University School of Medicine has participated in all four of the training modules.  We are also working with School of Medicine administration to review and implement best diversity and inclusion practices.  We endeavor to be a School where all members of our community feel welcomed and supported.