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“Health Equity and Ecosystems: Stretching Beyond the False Finish Lines of Diversity and Health Disparities”

Eric P. Newman Education Center Auditorium

Speakers: Bethany Johnson-Javois, CEO, and Heidi Miller, MD, Integrated Health Network

Registration is not required, but encouraged: Click here to register for events! Contact Erin Stampp at or 314-362-6190 for more info or with questions.

BJH, SLCH, WUSM | Disparities in medical outcomes and access to health care along racial, gender and other demographics have been known for some time. However, health care providers are just beginning to truly understand and link the factors that influence the decisions that lead to these discrepancies.

“Diversity Week 2018: Be Aware of your Unaware” is an opportunity for employees of the Washington University Medical Campus to explore and learn about the role of organizational and personal biases that have led to health care disparities and how to mitigate those biases to create meaningful change in health care and medicine.

Events range from a nationally renowned speaker on racial sociology, a panel discussion and a film screening, to a diversity fair full of internal and external resources and food trucks.

The week is hosted by Barnes-Jewish Hospital and its partners: St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, Goldfarb School of Nursing and St. Louis College of Pharmacy.