Goal:  To provide incentives to departments and programs that hire and retain faculty from populations* that historically, have been excluded from medicine and biomedical science, and as a result are underrepresented in medicine (URiM) and/or underrepresented in research (URiR).  

           *Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander and Multi-Racial when at least one URiM category is included (WUSM Executive Faculty, 2017).

Application packet materials can be found here:      

The deadline for submission of applications is 5:00pm CST March 15.  All applications will be evaluated contemporaneously. Dean David Perlmutter and Associate Dean Sherree Wilson, with input from the WUSM Senior Leadership Committee for DEI, will determine the eligibility of the candidates to become Faculty Diversity Scholars and thus eligible for funding. Funding decisions will be finalized by April 15 and those departments who have submitted applications will receive notice five days after that date.

The expectation is for departments or programs to provide full disclosure to the candidate while in the recruitment process.  Department and program heads are encouraged to discuss the program with the candidate in terms of value added for the recruitment package, additional mentoring, and oversight of career progress by the committee. Candidates should agree to participate before departments/programs apply for the funding.

Note:  No disbursement of these funds will occur if WUSM Central Administration and the FDC have not approved eligibility for said faculty members.