All applications must be received by March 15. Funding decisions will be finalized by April 15. Approved Scholars’ funds will be available on July 1 of same calendar year.

Application Submission Checklist:

  • Application
  • CV
  • Budget Sheet
  • Letter from Department Chair – addressing the following:
    • Explanation of request
    • Candidate’s eligible URiM or URiR status
    • Career plans
    • Departmental expectations for faculty member to be a long-term contributor
    • If on investigator track, address the department’s long-term commitment to this faculty member
  • Letter from the Faculty Candidate – addressing the following:
    • Career plans
    • How funding will impact and/or enhance career progress
    • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and how the candidate will contribute to WUSM’s goal of building a diverse and inclusive community in which everyone is welcomed and valued.

Applications should be sent to:

Sherree A. Wilson, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion