(Application to be completed by Department Chair Office)

All applications must be received by March 15. Funding decisions will be finalized by April 15. Approved Scholars’ funds will be available on July 1 of same calendar year.

Application Submission Checklist:

  • Application
  • CV
  • Budget Sheet
  • Letter from Department Chair – addressing the following:
    • Explanation of request
    • Candidate’s eligible URiM or URiR status
    • Career plans
    • Departmental expectations for faculty member to be a long-term contributor
    • If on investigator track, address the department’s long-term commitment to this faculty member
  • Letter from the Faculty Candidate – addressing the following:
    • Career plans
    • How funding will impact and/or enhance career progress
    • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and how the candidate will contribute to WUSM’s goal of building a diverse and inclusive community in which everyone is welcomed and valued.

Applications should be sent in via the following link:


Questions or Concerns may be submitted to:
Sherree A. Wilson, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor and Associate Dean
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion