The Dean is currently contributing $250,000.00 annually from the Central Administration budget.  Departments and major programs are each assessed an additional $250,000.00. The Dean’s and departmental/programmatic contributions have increased from the original $150,000 at the inception of this program.

Suggested distribution of funds per scholar are:

  • Individual salary support will represent 25% of salary to a maximum of $50,000.00/year for three years.
  • Start-up costs to be contributed will be 25% of the total start-up package to a maximum of $100,000.00 per candidate
  • Any unused funds at the end of the fiscal year will roll over to be available for the next year.

The Faculty Diversity Scholars program will be evaluated for effectiveness by the Senior Leadership Committee-DEI, Academic Affairs Committee and Administration and Finance Committee at the end of three years after implementation (FY ’23) and every three years thereafter.