If you participated in the third day of New Manager Orientation that focused on unconscious bias, you have already taken this course.

This training is designed to develop enhanced leadership skills needed to attract, hire and retain a diverse workforce and to create a climate where all staff is encouraged to develop their talents and ideas.

At the end of the session, managers will be knowledgeable and understand how to mitigate unconscious bias on key decision-points in the recruiting and selection process. Managers will also understand how to recognize, navigate, and or mitigate biases on their teams and within their department. Upon completion, managers will know how to utilize best practices needed to create and sustain a more diverse workplace and leverage diversity into true inclusion.

To register for an upcoming training

  1. Log into Learn@Work to view upcoming diversity and inclusion sessions
  2. Select “HR – Unconscious Bias Training for Hiring Managers” to view details or enroll in a session