School of Medicine Diversity

As members of one community aimed at the same goal of advancing human health through education, research and care, we are on a mission to deepen our understanding of and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at Washington University School of Medicine.

Strengthening our cultural competency with diversity and inclusion

The mission of Washington University School of Medicine is to lead in advancing human health through the best clinical care, innovative research and the education of tomorrow’s leaders in biomedicine in a culture that supports diversity, equity and inclusion, critical thinking and creativity.  To that end, more than half of the School of Medicine community has participated in level 1.0 diversity, equity and inclusion training to date.

Understanding where we are in the process

The Diversity Engagement Survey received a 37 percent response rate from members of the medical school community.  Results from School of Medicine respondents indicate:


70% of respondents agree/strongly agree that they identify with the vision/purpose of WUSM

70% of respondents agree/strongly agree that they felt a sense of camaraderie

80% of respondents agree/strongly agree that they felt that their efforts were appreciated


Under-represented populations (African American and Hispanic respondents) were less positive than Caucasian participants, particularly on questions regarding mutual respect, trust in management, and diversity within the school.  Asian respondents were as positive as or slightly more positive than Caucasian survey-takers regarding most issues.

Women were generally as positive as men in their responses.  However, women were less positive than men on questions related to trust in management, and whether people are recognized equally based on their contributions.

Younger employees were more positive in their responses than older employees, and employees here less than five years were more positive than those who had worked here longer.

Envisioning where we want to be

Washington University School of Medicine endeavors to be an institution that meets the demands of a diverse world through hiring and retaining the brightest staff and faculty who understand and consistently implement tenets of diversity and inclusion.  We are dedicated to researching and implementing the interventions needed to close the disparity in responses of the Diversity Engagement Survey among diverse populations.