About the diversity, equity and inclusion leadership team

The diversity, equity and inclusion leadership team members are staff of the Office of Human Resources at Washington University School of Medicine. The team’s work focuses on important initiatives including:

  • Raising awareness of diversity in the campus community
  • Developing and sharing strategies and educational methods to enhance inclusivity in our organizational culture
  • Supporting efforts to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce
  • Developing and improving the career development paths for underrepresented minorities working at the School of Medicine

Meet The Leadership Team

What do we mean by diversity, equity and inclusion?

Diversity, equity and inclusion are two specific ideas that work in concert.

  • Diversity addresses the differences and similarities that exist between cultures.
  • Inclusion is the way we can invite those differences and similarities to the discussion table in an atmosphere that values and respects these differences — not as right, wrong, better, or worse; simply different.

Research and data indicate that the highest functioning workplace teams are those that have greater diversity among members and are encouraged and taught to excel in collaboration.

This means that diversity needs to be clarified, understood, communicated and maintained through conscious effort and consistent practices.

Through our co-creation of a climate of mutual respect in the workplace, we create an atmosphere that promotes and support diversity and inclusion.

By developing the pathway to inclusion model, we create a common communication model and understanding of how to develop positive diversity and inclusion practices, which can give rise to greater efficiency while building stronger work teams.

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