Training & professional development

The focus of our training is to support the School of Medicine community in developing a greater awareness, understanding, commitment and action framework regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our training programs are designed to give participants the tools to:

  • Work together to create a climate of mutual respect in the workplace
  • Attract and develop a diverse and talented student body and workforce
  • Recognize the value of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Address the unconscious bias that leads to health disparities

Our training sesions are offered both on Zoom and in-person.

1.0 – 4.0: Fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion

This series of four one-hour training sessions introduces participants to the fundamentals of diversity education. Employees are expected to complete all four sessions by their fourth year of employment. A small introduction activity is provided during New Employee Orientation. Employees are welcome to attend open sessions offered monthly. In addition, departments, programs and other business units may request group training.

Manager training

Unconscious Bias Training for Managers is designed to develop skills needed to attract, hire and retain a diverse workforce and to create a climate where all staff is encouraged to develop their talents and ideas.

Understanding Systemic Racism curriculum & Equity Champions program

The Understanding Systemic Racism curriculum is a professional development program covering concepts on systemic racism and equity issues with skills tailored to the participant’s role and responsibilities. This curriculum is a deeper dive into the origins and lasting impacts of systemic, structural, institutional, and individual anti-Black racism, and builds on the foundational concepts covered in the Diversity 1.0 – 4.0 training modules.

The Equity Champions program institutes department-supported faculty and staff positions to help facilitate the implementation of the Understanding Systemic Racism curriculum. The faculty and staff in this role receive professional development to support their competency in leading discussions and training around anti-racism culture change and leadership within their department. Champions serve for a minimum two year term, with the potential to be invited to continue.

Topic-specific training modules

School of Medicine diversity, equity and inclusion leaders also facilitate additional topic-specific presentations for groups on the following:

These training modules can be reserved using the Training Request Form

Customized training

Our team is more than happy to work with your group to discuss developing a customized training. Please contact us at

More ways to learn

Explore our curated list of articles, guides, videos and other resources to help you self-educate on topics related to equity, inclusion, anti-racism and more.