Creating a recruitment, screening, and hiring process that values diversity, equity and inclusion is an intentional effort that requires support. To ensure your success, we have included multiple resources that we believe will beneficial to the role of the Diversity Advisor.

Please contact our office with any questions you have as you navigate through the process.

Diversity Advisor Checklist

The Diversity Advisor Checklist (PDF) is the main tool that we encourage you to use to navigate the hiring process. It provides guidance on how to effectively recruit faculty from diverse backgrounds, and also serves as powerful communication tool between the Diversity Advisor, hiring committee, and the Hiring Authority.

The Diversity Advisor Checklist recommends five stages of the hiring process that should have best practices of diversity, inclusion, and equity interwoven into them. Resources for all five stages are included below.

1. Preparation

Planning Recommendations focus on ensuring that the Diversity Advisor has a clear understanding of the Hiring Authority’s expectation for the hiring process. We recommend using the Hiring Authority (HA) Conversation Starter (PDF) as a tool to facilitate a discussion between the Advisor and the HA.

Training registration

You can register for all training via Learn@Work. You will need your WUSTL Key and WUSTL Key password to login.  If you have forgotten your WUSTL key or WUSTL key password, simply click the “Forgot WUSTL Key ID?” link or the “Forgot WUSTL Key Password?” link and you will be guided through the process of requesting/resetting your key and/or password.

2. Recruitment

Recruitment of individuals from groups that are historically underrepresented in medicine will require an intentional and consistent effort on the part of the Advisor in collaboration with the Executive Director of Talent Acquisition and the Hiring Committee.  Please note that identifying appropriate resources may take a bit of research on your part, but it can be accomplished.

The Human Resources Executive Director of Talent Management as well as the Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion team are more than willing to serve as a support and guidance system throughout this process.

Human Resources – Executive Director of Talent Management

Mark Prosperi

Feel free to visit our Resources page to obtain assistance with locating organizations that emphasize diversity in medicine such as :

  • URM Targeted Professional Organizations
  • Physician Listservs
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
  • Predominately Minority Institutions.
3. Application review

To mitigate the impact of implicit bias during the application screening process, it is recommended that a score card is utilized with each application.

This requires that the job description is written in specificity and includes all of the characteristics that are desired in the final candidate.  These well-defined job responsibilities will serve as the basis of the screening process.  Each job description item will be assigned a point value and this can be communicated on a score card.

As the mission of the School of Medicine emphasizes diversity, equity and inclusion, hiring authorities are encouraged to include an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion in the job description.   Below are examples of language that may be included in a job description:

  1. The successful candidate will demonstrate a passion for diversity, inclusion, and equity through their research, instruction, and/or community engagement
  2. The candidate must have experience working with patients and students from diverse backgrounds, as well as an employment/educational history that communicates a passion

Below are several resources that can be used to assist with developing job descriptions and rubrics:

4. Campus visit

While the Diversity Advisor role heavily emphasizes recruitment and interviewing, it is also important to note that the retention process begins during the interview process.  How we introduce candidates to both the Washington University community and the St. Louis community are our first opportunities to demonstrate how we treat our employees.

The little things matter. For example, a candidate should not have to worry about things such as:  hotel accommodations, plane tickets, how to navigate our campus, where to park, or even where to locate school district data. Candidates are preparing to be a part of our community, as a result we have to show them what community means to us through creating and extending an intentional sense of belonging.

Here are two resources to help you plan your next campus visit:

5. Interview

Just as the application package should be based off of the job description, the rubric for the interview should also be aligned with the job description.  If the hiring authority and hiring committee value specific interpersonal qualities in a candidate, they must be written in the job description.

Resources to assist with the process of developing an interview evaluation process as well as interview questions are included for your review.

Complete checklist

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