A Diversity Advisor serves as a member of faculty hiring committees and ensures that best practices in diversity, inclusion, and equity are utilized throughout the hiring process.

The Diversity Advisor may be a member of the faculty or staff.

Per university policy, all faculty hiring committees must have three faculty members.  A faculty member serving in the role of Diversity Advisor can be considered one of the three required faculty members of the hiring committee.

Specific responsibilities of the Diversity Advisor

  • Monitor the procedures and outreach efforts of the committee
  • Review the diversity of the applicant pool and group interviewed
  • Compile and report relevant data to the committee and hiring authority utilizing the Diversity Advisor Checklist and Diversity Advisor Toolkit
  • Assist the Hiring Authority in posting the search description in the Hiring Summary Form

A staff member serving as Diversity Advisor may not participate in other functions of the search committee, including decision-making regarding candidates.

Resources for Diversity Advisors

The Diversity Advisor Toolkit is the most important tool the Advisor can use to fulfill their responsibilities. The toolkit will assist the Advisor in seamlessly navigating the hiring process.