Desegregation History Sharing Circles for the WashU Med & BJC Community

In April 2024, WashU Medicine and BJC HealthCare unveiled a permanent exhibit documenting the desegregation of the Medical Campus, exploring more than a century of perspectives of doctors, nurses, patients, students and staff. The Sharing Circles will provide space for community members to share their reactions, thoughts and questions related to their experience of the exhibit and the story it tells of our institutions and the region.

Commemorate Black History Month

This month, WashUMedODEI celebrates Black History Month. Black History Month is significant in the context of medical education as it helps to highlight the contributions and experiences of Black individuals and communities in healthcare. By acknowledging and celebrating Black history, medical institutions can work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse learning environment, where all students feel represented and valued.

Healthcare advocate Brenda Battle keynotes HG Phillips Lecture (Links to an external site)

From left, Dr. Will Ross, Dr. Nathaniel Murdoch, and Brenda Battle, following the Homer G. Phillips Public Health Lecture.

Brenda Battle returned to St. Louis to deliver the Homer G. Phillips Public Health Lecture Series keynote address and she offered a stirring message urging the region to reduce its healthcare disparities. The annual event carried the 2023 theme of “Anchoring Communities: A Roadmap to Equity and Transformation in Marginalized Communities.”

ODEI is turning 5: Fifth Year Celebration

The WUSM Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is celebrating five years of existence on our campus! We hope this month can serve as a time to reflect on the impacts our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting and education have made on our campus.

Black History Month 2023

Our office is excited about the programs we are offering and other opportunities all around us to help each of us learn and celebrate Black History Month! Please register for events you plan to attend.

Community Discussions on Leadership’s Antiracism Commitment

Our office is hosting one-hour community discussions for our community to learn and talk about the new WUSM Leadership Commitment to Anti-Racism Statement. Participants will be invited to share what this commitment means to you and how you can be involved in this important transformation initiative.

Juneteenth: Freedom Day-A day of Recognition, Liberation, Resilience and Celebration

the stories of triumph, bravery, resilience and contributions made by the African American community. On Juneteenth, we recommit ourselves to the work of equity, anti-racism, equality, and justice. As we reflect and celebrate on Juneteenth, we keep in mind the ways in which structural racism continues to impact communities of color in the United States and are mindful of the importance of equity in all spaces!