Perspectives Series

Perspectives is a monthly dialogue series open to all members of the Washington University community. The goal of Perspectives is to strengthen our community’s ability to discuss important topics related to diversity, inclusion, and equity in meaningful ways. Such programs are widely used at workplaces across the country as a tool in building a diverse and inclusive culture.

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What to expect

Each 60-minute session is dedicated to a specific topic, and some feature a guest speaker. Attendees discuss the topic, moderated by a facilitator from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Attendees will

  • Practice speaking across differences in perspective and identity
  • Explore personal experience with societal issues
  • Develop skills for navigating differences
  • Build empathy muscle – the ability to feel ‘with’ people
  • Advance understanding of how to be a diversity and inclusion ally

Session format

  • Introductions
  • Brief presentation of topic
  • Small group discussion
  • Full group discussion
  • Takeaways/next steps

Two ways to participate

  • Monthly open sessions: No registration necessary.
  • Custom sessions: If scheduling is a challenge for your group or you would like to address a specific topic, we are happy to schedule a session customized to your group’s needs.  We need at least eight participants per session.

2019 schedule for the School of Medicine

All sessions will run from 12:00-1:00 pm.

Date Location Topic
23-Jan-19 MCC 2057 Why Equity?
26-Feb-19 MCC 2057 Why is Blackface Still a Thing in 2019?
27-Mar-19 MCC 2057 Reflections on New Zealand Mosque Shootings
24-Apr-19 MCC 2057 Speaking Up: The Journey Toward Allyship
21-May-19 MCC 2057 Understanding Privilege and Allyship
26-June-19 MCC 2057 Examining Dominant Culture: What Values Guide Us?
23-July-19 MCC 2057 Examining Dominant Culture: What Values Guide Us?
12-Aug-19 Holden Auditorium Special Perspectives: Reflections 5 Years After the Killing of Michael Brown
29-Aug-19 MCC 2057 But I Have Worked So Hard! Navigating Our Privileged Identities
24-Sept-19 MCC 2057 The Challenges of Navigating Dominant Culture with a Marginalized Identity
28-Oct-19 MCC 2057 Well-Being: How am I Being? How Deep is My Well?
19-Nov-19 MCC 1404 This I Believe! What does Allyship Look Like for YOU?
11-Dec-19 MCC 2057 I Did It! Celebrating Stories of Speaking Up!

Past Perspectives topics available by request

  • Gender Roles: Socializing Masculine and Feminine
  • Supporting our Trans Community
  • Generational Differences
  • Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace
  • Intersectionality
  • Exploring Differences Between Introverts and Extroverts
  • Deserving & Undeserving: Classism and the Socialization of Compassion
  • They said What?: Microaggressions and Why They Hurt
  • The Model Minority Myth
  • Walking Our Talk: Integrity in Diversity, Inclusion and Allyship